I am a full-time private tutor independently and working with other tutoring institutions such as Fortune Tutoring and Premier Academy. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in math from the University of California Riverside to enrich my content knowledge in math. I received California Teaching Credential to enhance my teaching skills. I have tutored many students in math over ten years in K-12 math including AP Calculus and SAT prep. I mainly serve pupils in the districts of San Marino/Arcadia/Pasadena. 


For tutoring in K-12 math, I provide assistance with daily homework and assessments. I provide supplementary worksheets to continue students' learning after each lesson. For AP exams and SAT prep, I design individualized preparation plan according to the need of each student upon the result of their pre-test.Through teaching various students in different subjects, I concluded that students require more enhancement in conceptual clarification to build up a solid foundation. I don't only guide students through their questions in current progress, but I also provide students with additional practice addressing blind spots in their conceptual understandings.


In the process of improving students' performance, parents play an essential role in tutoring service. Students will not only demonstrate perfect content knowledge during the lesson but also do the homework assignment from the tutor.




Math Major

California Single Subject Teaching Credential

Over 10 years of teaching/tutoring experience

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(626) 215-6422

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